Dealing with the Rise in COVID

We are in the middle of a surge in COVID cases and everyone is trying to find ways to deal with it. We have also seen a rise in cold and flu cases as well. Remember that this time last year, you were not able to go to a pro sports game, concert, or maybe not even your local high school game so our contact with others was down. I think that the best way to deal with the rise of COVID this time around is to do your best to protect yourself. That means, get the shots (booster too!) if are able to. Maintain great personal hygiene habits like washing your hands often and carrying around some hand sanitizer for the times when you can’t wash. Keep your distance from each other. When you really think about it, there are a lot of tasks that can be done maintaining distance from each other. Keep yourself out of the close contact definition. Lastly, if you are sick you really need to just stay home. If you must be at work and sick, do your best to find an at-home test to at least ensure you are COVID-free and mask up when you are around people so that others don’t get sick.

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