Safety Saturday

Respirator Care and Cleaning

Respirators are crucial tools for safety and health, so knowing how to properly clean and care for them can prevent serious long-term issues and diseases. Today’s Safety Saturday moment discusses respirator care and cleaning.

Respirators remove harmful contaminants from the air as you breathe, protecting against substances that can cause cancer, lung impairment, and other diseases. Before using, inspect the respirator for holes, cracks, tears, or other signs of damage, and ensure the inside valves operate properly. When it comes time to clean, take the respirator apart and clean and sanitize all surfaces. Use a gentle detergent and rinse thoroughly with warm running water. Once dry, reassemble the respirator, and use a sanitation wipe to quickly clean throughout the day. When not used, store the respirator in a cool, dry place away from dust or other contaminants. 

Until next time, from all of us at the W. L. French Safety Department, stay safe out there.

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