Safety Saturday

Glove Selection

It’s important to always ensure you’re wearing the correct PPE when working. Today’s Safety Saturday moment discusses the importance of proper glove selection.

The correct gloves will play a crucial role in protecting your hands against injuries. Knowing the hazards associated with different jobs- such as concrete work or granite- will affect with PPE you use for that task.

There are different types of gloves for different jobs. Cut gloves are used to prevent cuts. Concrete gloves are for concrete work. Anti-vibratory gloves are used for working with any machine that may cause vibrations. Nitrile gloves protect against acids, chemicals, fuels, and bodily fluids. Certain specialty activities require gloves as well. Your hands are a key factor in accomplishing your work each day- make sure they stay protected!

Until next time, from all of us at the W. L. French Safety Department, stay safe out there.

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