Safety Saturday

Hi-Viz Safety Apparel

Different sites will require different safety apparel depending on the conditions so that everyone will stay safe as they work. Today’s Safety Saturday moment goes over the types of high visibility safety apparel.

High visibility safety apparel must be worn when working around construction equipment or traffic. It grabs the attention of motorists and operators, and ensures they notice everyone working in their zone. The three types of high visibility apparel are worn depending on the site. Plain high vis clothing- t-shirts and sweatshirts- allows workers to be seen but has no reflective coating. ANSI Class 2 apparel is the minimum level of protection for workers in roadways, with a required amount of square inches of safety yellow or orange and reflective coating. ANSI Class 3 clothing has the highest level of specifications and is worn in high-risk work areas. 

Until next time, from all of us at the W. L. French Safety Department, stay safe out there.

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