Wednesday Work Tips

PPE | Face & Eye Protection

  • Each day, about 2000 U.S. workers have a job-related eye injury that requires medical attention. These are preventable injuries.
  • Workers may be exposed to the following:
    • Flying dust, dirt, or sand particles.
    • Slivers or metal, wood or glass.
    • Fragments of concrete or rock.
    • Chemicals, sparks, lights and lasers.
    • Grinding or cutting tools. 
  • PPE must be designed specifically to protect workers for the types of hazards they are exposed to on the job. Without of the use of proper PPE, you are at risk of injury. To prevent these injuries from occurring, remember the following:
  • Always use safety glasses or goggles designed for the task and protect your eyes from debris and flying particles.
  • Use the correct protection designed for specific tasks such as welding or cutting activities or handling of chemicals.
  • In addition to safety glasses or goggles, a face shield must be worn if there is any potential for chemicals or particles causing injury to your face/eyes.
  • Prescription lenses must be rated ANSI Z87.1 or safety glasses will be required over prescription glasses.

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