Wednesday Work Tips

Winter Driving Preparation 

As we head into the upcoming Winter season, being prepared for winter driving conditions is key to staying safe on the road.

Be Prepared For Every Situation

Have snow removal tools handy.

Have an emergency kit prepared and jumper cables in the event of breaking down.

A high-visibility jacket in the event of exiting your vehicle.

Inspect Your Vehicle

Check to make sure your vehicle is operating properly.

Check tires, battery, wiper blades, fluid levels, defrosters.

Check The Conditions

Stay current with the weather changes and conditions you will be traveling in.

Be mindful of hazards on the road such as black ice, fog, bridges, etc.

Drive Carefully

Slow down.

Allow extra space between cars.

Drive smoothly.

Use turn signals.

Be Careful Entering & Exiting Your Vehicle

Take your time when you get in and out of your vehicle.

Take your time and wear boots that have good traction on them.

Be careful on steps and the ground around.

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