Wednesday Work Tips

Warehouse Slip Hazards

A warehouse’s surfaces can quickly become slippery, creating hazards that not only affects employees walking through the facility but can turn deadly for workers and equipment handling materials. Weather conditions may also cause puddles to form on the floor. As with any slip and fall prevention strategy, a warehouse needs to anticipate these instances and have the supplies ready to quickly clean it up.

Water and Ice- Slick surfaces and forklifts aren’t a good combination. The same goes for pedestrian foot traffic. Minor spills can become major problems in any warehouse, so make sure any spill or area with water is quickly cleaned up. Slippery surfaces make a good portion of OSHA slips, trips & fall statistics.

Oil Slicks and Spilled Products- Clean up any oil spills immediately. Spilled products pose serious slip hazards. If any product is spilled in your warehouse, clean it up ASAP.

Ladders and Equipment- Make sure that ladders and equipment steps are free of any slippery materials. Use caution when climbing and be sure to maintain three points of contact.

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