Wednesday Work Tip

Behind The Wheel Safety

  • The Big Picture. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Erratic and angry drivers take up a large portion of the traffic we see daily, so avoid major accidents by noticing how other drivers behave on the road.
  • Keep Your Eyes Moving, Remain Alert. Consistent eye movement prevents your body from entering the trance state, keeping you alert to every driving condition ahead of you.
  • Leave Yourself an Out. This means ensure that other drivers do not box you in while selecting their lanes. Do not tailgate other vehicles too closely, and always anticipate other drivers moves.
  • Make Sure They See You. The worst thing a driver can do is assume. Assume other drivers can see them, assume other drivers are not dangerous, or even assume that they will just get to their destination safely. As a driver, make sure that other drivers can see you and anticipate your move.
  • Stay vigilant. Be prepared, and remember to be a proactive driver. As a motorist, it is our responsibility to operate vehicles safely and in a sensible manner.

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