Wednesday Work Tip

Lock Out / Tag Out

Before performing maintenance on equipment or machinery, always identify the sources of energy that need to be locked out and tagged out: electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and chemical. Always properly shut down equipment and machines.

  • Apply a lock to the energy source so power cannot restart it.
  • Tell your co-workers about the shutdown.
  • Put a tag on the locked-out item, warning that it should not be turned on.
  • Test to ensure the item is properly locked out.
  • After completing the work, tell your co-workers the locks are about to be removed and the equipment restarted.
  • Always test or look to make sure that the energy source is shut down.
  • Block or drain any stored energy.
  • Be aware that equipment marked “high voltage” can store lethal energy, even when disconnected from the power source.

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