Wednesday Work Tip

Summer Driving Safety

Warmer months are statistically the most dangerous months for driving. This summer, stay safe as you’re hitting the road. Follow these tips to avoid hazards and keep your summer driving along smoothly.

Road Congestion- Be on the lookout for road congestion, especially at locations popular with tourists and travelers. Depending on the day of travel, there may be more cars on the road as well.

Road Construction- There is usually more road work during the warmer months. Stay aware and obey construction zone signs. Plan your trip ahead of time if there is any anticipated ongoing construction.

Motorcycles and Bicycles- Summertime brings more motorcycles and bikes. Share the road, and pay extra attention to your surroundings.

Tire Blowouts- Hot weather increases the pressure in your tires, which can result in blowouts on tires that are damaged or worn.

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