Wednesday Work Tip

Utility Knife Safety

There is no single utility knife that is right for every job. Remember that different blade types are designed for different functions. Always be sure to use utility knives safely.

•Utility knife blades are either fixed or retractable.

•Fixed blades can’t collapse but can be hazardous to carry around.

•Most retractable knives today are reliable and not prone to collapse.

•Serrated edges are better for cutting cardboard, boxes, and rope.

•Straight blades are better for cutting clean edges.

•Safely care for and store utility knives.

•Keep blades sharp—they are safer and require less force to use.

•Never leave knives lying loose—store them in a drawer or toolbox.

•Select a sharp knife with a good grip and a blade guard.

•Always cut away from your body.

•Always cut on a cutting board or sturdy surface.

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