Wednesday Work Tips

Incident Notification & Reporting

When an incident occurs, notification and reporting of it is key. Providing incident notifications allow us to respond to an incident quickly if needed, investigate hazards, and ensure that we are providing our employees with a safe workplace. If we are not made aware of incidents occurring, we cannot track patterns, realize trends, and discover anomalies that will help us to provide improvements.

Simply put, an incident is anything that happens outside the ordinary. If something happens then a notification needs to be done. Some examples include:

  • Damage to
    • Equipment
    • Property
  • Near Miss
    • Something Almost Happens
  • Injuries
    • Sprained ankle, twisted back, pulled muscle (something that you work through but doesn’t require additional treatment at the time)
    • First Aid Only
    • Medical Treatment Needed
  • Utility Hit
    • Any hit to a utility … doesn’t need to be damaged
  • Motor Vehicle Accident
  • Stolen Equipment
  • Etc.

All notifications of incidents should be reported immediately to the job site Foreman/Superintendent.

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