Wednesday Work Tip

Forklift Safety

If you operate or work near forklifts, always follow safe operating and job site procedures. If safety precautions are not followed, forklift operators and workers in areas with heavy equipment, like forklifts, can be exposed to risks such as collisions, falls, tip-overs, and struck-by hazards.

•Ensure the individual operating the forklift is properly trained and qualified.

•Be sure to have clear visibility.  Pay attention to surroundings, pedestrian, and vehicular traffic.

•Always remain a safe distance from forklifts in use and keep away from the swing area of the forklift.

•Never stand on or under the forks of the lift.

•Never use a forklift to raise or lower people unless it is designed and equipped for that use.

•Always pay attention to horns and backup alarms from all heavy equipment, including forklifts.

• If operating any heavy equipment, always use seatbelts.

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