Wednesday Work Tips

Safety at Home

More serious injuries happen at home than on the job. Why? Probably because we fail to take the same safety precautions we take on the job in our homes. We’ve come to recognize the many hazards of the workplace. At work, we follow regulations and safe work rules. We wear PPE. And we’re careful and alert while we work.  But at home, there are no rules or regulations to require us to be safe. We tend to think of our homes as safe-havens. We don’t take the same care there as we do on the job. We don’t think about the potential dangers. And yet, there are many hazards in the home. Here are some tips you can follow at home:


  • Use handles and be aware of wet/slippery surfaces.
  • Turn on lights to avoid trip hazards.
  • Use ladders and step stools to reach high places.


  • Don’t overload outlets, childproof as needed.
  • Check cords and plugs routinely for damage.
  • Don’t use faulty appliances.

Hazardous Materials

  • Keep hazardous materials away from children.
  • Use caution with flammable substances.
  • Never mix household cleaning products.

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