Wednesday Work Tip

Creating a Safe Work Environment

Don’t take shortcuts. It’s natural to want to get the job finished on or even ahead of schedule. But the “get-it-done-quick” attitude can be a recipe for disaster. Stick to the instructions and get all your questions answered.

Be careful on the road. Inspect your vehicle, including brake lights, turn signals, tire pressure, and the amount of gas in the tank, before each trip, and get repairs made immediately.

Watch the weather. Both indoor and outdoor work can expose you to extreme temperatures. In cold conditions like those currently gripping many parts of the country, dress in layers and properly cover your head, feet, hands, and face—the body parts most prone to frostbite.

Make personal protective equipment (PPE) a priority. It’s not enough to wear PPE. You should also know how to properly use goggles, face protection, gloves, safety shoes, hard hats, ear protection, etc.

Keep things clean and organized. Good housekeeping does more than keep the workplace neat. It can prevent serious incidents like trips and falls, fires, and chemical spills. Fix hazards or report them immediately.

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