Wednesday Work Tips

Fire Protection and Prevention

Good housekeeping is key to fire prevention, but poor housekeeping can lead to small fires that get out of control quickly.  Never let combustible scrap, rubbish, and waste materials accumulate where they can become fuel for a fire.  Always store flammable liquids in proper containers that are designed for that use and labeled correctly.  Any oily rags, wipes, or towels that have been used for cleaning off solvents and residue should be stored in covered metal containers to prevent an ignition source. 

Fire protection systems need to be clear of any obstructions.  Never block sprinkler heads, valves, fire hoses, or the system control panels.  Do not stack materials too close; always maintain 18 inches between sprinklers and the materials below.  Do not tamper with or remove any of the seals, inspection tags, or labels attached to fire protection systems.  Always report any damage to sprinklers, hoses, pipes, and alarms immediately.

Lastly, mark all exit routes and make sure that they are always kept clear.  Never block exits, remove exit signs, or cover smoke detectors or sensors. 

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