Wednesday Work Tips

Confined Spaces

Confined spaces may appear to be safe but can contain invisible hazards such as dangerous fumes, vapors, or insufficient oxygen. Never assume that an open top pit is safe to enter, even if it is not labeled as a confined space. Pits, manholes, and tanks under construction could still pose dangers.

Confined Space is defined by the following:

  • Is large enough for someone to enter it
  • Has limited means or entry or exit
  • Not designated for continuous occupancy

Permit-required confined spaces are confined spaces that have any hazard such as:

  • Hazardous atmosphere – such as low oxygen or a toxic gas
  • Potential for engulfment or suffocation – a risk of drowning or being buried
  • A layout that might trap a worker through converging walls or a sloped floor or any other serious safety or health hazard

Permit-required confined spaces require workers to take safety measures such as rescue equipment to safely remove someone out of the space without entering.

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