Wednesday Work Tips

PPE – Face Shields

Eye and face protection is extremely important but often taken for granted. Remember to always wear protection for your eyes and when needed also for your face to avoid a potentially permanent injury. Hazards where face protection may be required are found when doing tasks such as welding, chainsaw use, spraying chemicals, saw use, etc. Never risk danger to your face and eyes even for just a few minutes of welding, cutting, or grinding. The damage can happen quickly and be permanent! Always wear face and eye protection that is designed for safety protection and rated as required by OSHA regulations.

  • Many times face shields provide an additional layer or protection required.
  • Safety glasses aren’t always enough – sometimes you need both the safety glasses to protect your eyes AND a face shield to protect your face.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the specific face shield.
  • Use the type of face shield suited for the specific task.
  • Clear plastic/acrylic shields are better for tasks where small particles, splattering, or sparks could strike the face.

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