Wednesday Work Tips

Reflective Apparel Care

Given the global supply chain delays, we have experienced, PPE is one of the impacted areas we have faced. Unfortunately, these delays will likely continue for the unforeseen future. Because of this, ensuring PPE is properly cared for is important. Additionally, having properly cared for PPE can help increase our visibility on the job and decrease safety risks.  Below are some tips on how to safely extend the life of reflective PPE.

  • Do not wash reflective apparel with garments that have a rough finish, such as jeans.
  • Wash garments inside out. •Avoid fabric softeners, which damage reflective tape.
  • Air dry reflective apparel instead of putting it in the dryer.
  • If you do machine dry, remove the garment as soon as possible to avoid excess heat, which damages reflective tape.
  • Do not wash reflective garments with other dark garments, which may reduce the intensity of the fluorescent color.
  • Do not leave dirt on vests, which can diminish the intensity of the fluorescent color.
  • Do not store reflective garments in direct sunlight.
  • Do not crush reflective tape when storing.

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