Wednesday Work Tips

Material Stacking 

Stacking materials can be dangerous if workers do not follow safety guidelines. Falling materials and collapsing loads can crush or pin workers, causing injury or even death. Observe height limitations when stacking materials. Allow sufficient clearance around stacks for safe handling and easy access.

  • The weight of stored materials on floors within buildings and structures shall not exceed the maximum safe load limit.
  • Whether stacking manually, or by forklift, allow sufficient clearance around materials for easy access and safe handling.
  • Don’t forget to consider the additional clearance that may be required around lighting, pipes, duct work, electrical lines, and sprinkler heads.
  • Make sure stacks don’t block emergency exits, emergency equipment, or fire alarms.
  • Stacked materials and storage areas must not create a hazard for workers.
  • Storage areas should be kept tidy to ensure that there are no hazards that could lead to tripping, fire, explosion, or pest infestations.

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