Wednesday Work Tips

Improving Workplace Ergonomics

Ergonomics is important for health reasons. When a body works in a not ergonomically friendly way, it creates stress through awkward postures, extreme temperatures, or repeated movements. This can lead to discomfort, fatigue, and pain and cause musculoskeletal disorders over time. Ergonomics seeks to combat these problems.

  • Practice Good Posture: Sit up straight in your chair and make sure you have support for the lower back. 
  • Make Your Workspace Work For You: Arrange your desk, so the items you use most frequently are within easy reach, without having to stretch or bend for them. Anything not within arm’s reach should be charts or other reference materials that do not require reaching.
  • Look After Your Eyes: Stay at an arm’s length away from your screen. Ensure there is no glare on your computer screen. Eye strain occurs after long, continuous periods of looking at screens- give your eyes an occasional break.

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