Wednesday Work Tips


Fall hazards are recognized as one of the leading causes of death in construction. Fall hazards can be found in a variety of activities on a jobsite. Below are some tips to remember when you may be exposed to a fall hazard.

  • Workers must recognize possible fall hazards especially when working at heights above 6’ from a lower level.
  • Workers must have fall protection whenever they are exposed to hazards at 6’ or more above a lower level. This includes trenches. 
  • If unprotected sides and edges exist a guardrail may be an option to prevent fall hazards.
  • Workers should never be exposed to a fall hazard without proper fall protection in place. 
  • Fall hazards at ground level must be protected.
  • Barricades, temporary barriers, and warning lines may help alert workers to possible hazards.
  • Danger, warning, and caution signs must be used properly to warn workers of the potential fall hazards present.

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