Wednesday Work Tips

Machine Guarding

Machine guards are critical to safe work operations. Often, workers may not be aware of the dangers they are protected from because of the guards in place. For this reason, understanding the potential hazards introduced when machines with rotating parts, gears, or pulleys are used is essential. Recognizing the potential dangers of machines starts with understanding the first place where the potential for injury exists – this is the “point of operation.”

  • Never use equipment or machinery unless you have been properly trained on all safety features.
  • Never crawl or enter areas that could contain rotating or moving parts unless the equipment has been safely locked and tagged.
  • Never disconnect safety switches or devices. Workers responsible to operate, repair, clean, or just work near to machines and tools must be protected from potential hazards.
  • Never tamper with or remove a machine guard, sensor, or safety device. Do not operate if guards are damaged with.

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